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A Word From Our President

A Word from our President … Fundraising for the Future

As we all know this year we must encourage volunteers, parents, and our communities to focus on the kids in the Scouting program.  Our program is designed to help youth become more confident and learn something new.  I encourage you as parents, leaders and volunteers to attend our exclusive training if your Council makes it available.  It will change you and your child’s life.

At CAMP MASTERS, our Team is going to do our part which is to help the Scouts across the country raise the money needed to have a GREAT Scouting program.  We are focused this year with NEW products and packaging, a new High Achiever Prize Program to increase Scout motivation.  You can go to our homepage at for details on these exciting new elements of the CAMP MASTERS Program.

At CAMP MASTERS we are prepared for continued growth in your Popcorn Sale in 2022.  Look to our highly qualified and motivated team to support you in having your best fundraising year ever.


Wilfred E. Sieg, Jr.

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