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Scout Sales Materials and Safety Tips

Please set up your Scout Dashboard first. See Instruction Below and you can also watch a short video. If you are moving from one unit to another, make sure you follow those instructions below.


  • When selling popcorn in your neighborhood always have an adult or buddy with you.

  • Never enter a stranger’s house without an adult.

  • Keep checks and cash in a separate envelope with your name on it.

  • Always walk on the sidewalk whenever possible.

  • Never sell at night.

  • Always be courteous.


Ten ways to make a popcorn sale.

  1. Ask your parent to be the first to buy popcorn.

  2. Ask your relatives to buy popcorn. (Married brothers and sisters)

  3. Ask your neighbors to buy popcorn.

  4. Ask the parents of your friends (not in Scouts) to buy popcorn.

  5. Take a popcorn order form to your place of worship and ask people to buy popcorn during coffee/fellowship hour (get permission first).

  6. Ask your parents if they can take a popcorn order form to work and ask their co-workers to buy popcorn.(They may need to get permission first.)

  7. Ask your patrol or den to schedule a “Super Sale Day”. This is a day when your fellow Scouts select a neighborhood and go door-to-door as a group to ask people to buy popcorn.

  8. Ask a parent or fellow Scout to go door-to-door with you in your neighborhood to ask people to buy popcorn.

  9. Ask your parents or relatives if they give out gifts during the holiday season. If yes, ask them to consider giving out popcorn (in a tin decorated for the holidays) as a holiday gift.




Coordinate the sale in your District in order to help Units become financially stable and reach the District’s sales goal.

  • Parents

  • Grandparents

  • Neighbors

  • Relatives

  • Religious Friends

  • Area businesses

  • Teachers

  • Coaches

  • Married Brothers & Sisters

  • Parent’s Work

  • Doctor

  • Unit Leaders

Don’t forget last year’s customers. Make sure you kept your sales form from last year and ask each of them to buy again.

Have a parent in your pack or troop that owns his/her own business? Do they send Christmas gifts to employees/customers? Ask them to send popcorn this year.

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