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CAMP MASTERS High Achiever Prizes

CAMP MASTERS has rewards to motivate and congratulate Scouts who sell $3000 or Up!  Choose a prize below and GO FOR IT!

 High Achiever prizes are not cumulative!


$3,000 Sales Achievement  –  Choose the NEW Camping Package OR  Visa Debit Card 

2-person Waterproof Tent

2L Hydration Pack

6-in-1 Camp Tool

5pc Stainless Steel Mess Kit

Aluminum Safety Flashligt

2024 HA Camp Package (1).png
Debit Card.jpg

Reward equaling 4% of Total Sales.  Example:  $3,000  would equal $120 Visa Card.  Visa cards are rounded to the nearest $10 and may be sent via email.

DID YOU KNOW?  Scouts Online Sales at count towards your prizes! 

 Sell $400 online – and CAMP MASTERS will email you a $10 AMAZON gift card!

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