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Post Sale

The sale is over and you’ve done a great job!  Here are a few tips and tricks to wrap everything up successfully.

How big of a vehicle will I need for picking up popcorn on Distribution Day?

The general rule of thumb is as follows

  • Midsize Car 20 cases

  • Luxury size car 40 cases

  • Mini Van 60 cases

  • Large SUVA 70 cases

  • U-Haul over 70 cases


Remember the 5-Way, 3-Way, and 24-pack Microwave Popcorn are much smaller than the other shipping cases. If you are ordering other products there can be 8 per shipping case or 12 per shipping case – these cases are substantially larger and this should be taken into consideration when planning the amount of space required to pick up and deliver your popcorn.

Final Steps to a Great Sale

  • Pickup and distribute product on time.

  • Reward scouts – be sure all prizes have been ordered and High Achiever Prize forms completed and sent to the Council.

  • Pay the Council by payment deadline.

  • That’s a wrap!!

Popcorn Program Review

All Kernels & Captains are asked to provide a post-program review. Let us know what went right about the program, what went wrong, and what areas we can improve in for next year.  All information will be collated and a copy of the report will be made available. You can mail your review to your council office.  We look forward to your comments about the Popcorn Program.

Please provide the following contact information and email

  • Name

  • Position

  • Unit

  • Work Phone

  • Home Phone

  • FAX

  • E-mail

  • Your program review & comments

Download these certificates to congratulate Scouts!

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