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About Us

A few poppin’ facts about Ramsey Popcorn Company


Ramsey Popcorn Co. is tucked away in a quiet little corner of Clover Valley in Harrison County, Indiana.  This is the home of some of the best tasting popcorn around.  For over 66 years we’ve always been there – at the movies, at ballgames, even in your homes. Some of you know our Cousin Willie’s brand of microwave popcorn but most people don’t know we are one of the largest popcorn companies in the world.

You need not look Ramsey up on the atlas, because it won’t be there but this is where Cousin Willie was born and it is where he stayed – raising hogs, cattle, popcorn, 13 kids, and 32 grandchildren.  With the Sieg Family being a large part of the population Cousin Willie felt it was his duty to see that everybody had some work to do.  The first jobs he gave each of the kids on the farm were picking up rocks and cleaning out hog pens. “That way, by the time they got to working at the popcorn plant, they liked it just fine.” Today, Ramsey Popcorn Co., Inc. is one of the community’s best-known employers.

Ramsey Popcorn is a family owned business.  Edward Sieg and his wife, Agnes, began the business in 1944 going from store to store selling raw popcorn and other items out of the back of their truck.  The Siegs’ four sons, Wilfred, Donald, Eugene, and Mark inherited the business in the 1960’s.  Wilfred E. Sieg, Sr., President Emeritus is the actual

Cousin Willie portrayed on the product today.  In 1996, the business was handed down to the third generation of Siegs: Wilfred Sieg, Jr./President, Daniel Sieg/VP, Eric Sieg/Treasurer, and Jason Sieg/National Sales Manager.  Ramsey’s current management staff has over 90 years combined experience in the popcorn industry.

To get across to the public that our company was a family owned and operated business of down-home country folk, who knew their popcorn, Cousin Willie’s Original Popcorn and Microwave Popcorn was born. This name was first thought up in the late 1980’s by one of Wilfred’s nephews.  It was decided by the family that Wilfred Sr. would best represent the product due to his country appearance and the family abundance of real cousins.

Ramsey Popcorn has two brand labels “Purdu Pop” (bulk) and  “Cousin Willie’s” (bulk, original poly bag, and microwave popcorn).  The Cousin Willie’s brand is the number one selling regional microwave popcorn in the U.S.  Ramsey has also been very successful in developing private label packaging and special flavors for many of its customers in the U.S. and internationally.

Ramsey Popcorn received a call in 2003 about the possibility of helping supply several Boy Scout Councils with popcorn for their fundraiser and Ramsey Popcorn’s new brand – “CAMP MASTERS GOURMET POPCORN” was born.  This product line encompasses a variety of popcorn products including microwave popcorn, original poly bag, caramel coated, and chocolate coated popcorn.

We were very excited about the possibility of becoming a partner with the Boy Scouts and in 2004 we supplied the Detroit Area Council their entire 1.8 million dollar popcorn fundraiser.  With our success we were able to service 18 Boy Scout Councils the following year. Today, we are a Preferred Vendor for the Boy Scouts of America and are servicing over 50 Boy Scout Councils and over $30 million in Gross Boy Scout Councils Sales of which 70% ($21 Million) goes directly to support Scouting.  We are proud of our relationship with the Boy Scouts of America and helping young Boys and Girls become young Men and Women.

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