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Scout Merit Badges

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For requirements 2, 5, and 6, produce a CAMP MASTERS Popcorn poster for local display, using pen and ink, watercolor, pencil, pastel, oil, tempera, acrylic paint or marker.



For requirements 1 and 2, create a storyboard for a video designed to show Cub Scouts how to sell CAMP MASTERS Popcorn.



For requirement 1, show your counselor how you would teach others to sell CAMP MASTERS Popcorn. Then, play the roles of customer and Scout, practicing selling techniques.  For requirement 2, make a popcorn sales presentation for your counselor.



For requirements 2b, take photographs of CAMP MASTERS Popcorn, of Scouts selling, and of other activities related to the sale, and arrange the prints, with captions, to tell a story of the sale.



For requirements 2, 3, 4, and 5, design a personal sales spreadsheet to keep track of your popcorn sales, prizes won, and money made for the Troop.



With Council permission, use your own management of the CAMP MASTERS Popcorn sale to meet many of the requirements for this badge such as 3, 4b, 4d and 6.



For requirement 1, prepare and give a speech to a Cub Unit describing the benefits of popcorn sales to the Troop. For requirement 2, prepare and give a speech to a Cub Unit describing the steps to a successful popcorn sale.



For requirements 2, 3, and 4, design a poster for use during the popcorn sale, and follow the various steps described for ONE of the printing methods to produce copies of the poster.



With Council permission, use the meetings, practices and procedures of the annual CAMP MASTERS Popcorn sale to meet many, or all, of the requirements for this badge.



For requirements 2a or 2b, create a newspaper story or radio news announcement reporting on your Troop’s participation in the CAMP MASTERS Popcorn sale.



For requirement 10, describe what kind of truck would be needed to ship popcorn from the Ramsey plant to your Council, tell how the popcorn would be packed, estimate the time for the trip, and explain what would be the best way to unload the shipment.

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