PayAnywhere “Credit Card Program”

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FAQ : Q: How to set up your account A: You can click on the link on our CAMP MASTERS website: Q: What is Business Merchant Category Code (MCC) A: use MCC 8398 Q: What is Toll Free Help # to get application started: A: 1-866-485-8999 ext. 1100 or Q: I have a Live Account/Have a Merchant ID number who can I call? A: Call 877-387-5640 Option 2, then Care/transaction questions Option 1, Portal Login Option 2, Tech/app/equipment questions Option 3 or chat: Q: Is necessary to provide SSN? A: Generally a social security number is required to perform a credit check, this is a required part of the application process, however, it is a "Soft inquiry" that does not affect your credit score. Q: I have an account and need another reader. How can I get one? A: Please email CAMP MASTERS Customer Service. Q: Where do I get my Tax ID Number (TIN)? A: AlmosteEvery Unit has a chartering orgazization that is a Non Profit 501c3. They should be able to provide you with their number. Q: My chartering organization won't allow me to use their TX ID (TIN) A: Ask your Council to help and see if they can find someone that can help and see if they can help work out a solution with the Chartering Organization. Q: Can I set this up with my personal Social Security Number? A: Yes, but we do not recommend you do this. You will have to provide Social Security Number for a soft Credit Check, but we recommend using your Chartering Organization Tax ID number. Q: I set up my account using my Social Security Number, what will happen? A: If your Unit sells a certain amount, you will be sent a 1099. Also if you are ever audited you will need to prove in writing that this money was collected for Non Profit. You will need to work with your tax accountant and Council to resolve.

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