PayAnywhere “Credit Card Program”

CAMP MASTERS is committed to your Council’s success, equipping you with the proper tools for effective fundraising.  That’s why CAMP MASTERS has teamed up with PayAnywhere to help your Council and Unit sell more popcorn.  Start accepting credit card payments and increase sales today!!  To Set up your account you can click on the link below or call the Toll Free Number to speak with PayAnywhere Customer support.

No Live account yet, beginning the application process by clicking on the link below or calling the toll free #

 or call

1-866-485-8999 ext. 1100 or

for PayAnywhere / CAMP MASTERS

specific customer support.

Live Account/Have a Merchant ID number go to site below or call toll free #

or call 877-387-5640 Option 2, then Care/transaction questions Option 1, Portal Login Option 2, Tech/app/equipment questions Option 3 or


Instantly increase your fundraising sales by offering customers the payment option of debit/credit card.  Use these helpful downloads to learn more.

QUESTIONS?  Email us at or call 1-800-624-2060, 812-347-2441 or fax 812-347-3336. 

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